Dedicated Server

Please choose an operative system:

CentOS version 6.4 is the operating system of choice for those who are looking for a very stable version of Linux that offers reliability at the enterprise level.

Entry Server

A convenient entry server*

Starting at CHF 70.00 / month

Manufacturer: HPE
Description: ProLiant DL380e
CPU: E5 / 2407
Memory: 16 GB
Disc: 2 x 1000 GB Raid 1
Bandwidth: flat*
Port: 1 Gbit Switchport


Powerful hardware for little money*

Starting at CHF 120.00 / month

Manufacturer: HPE
Description: ProLiant DL360 G9
CPU: E5 / 2620v4
Memory: 16 GB
Disc: 2 x 1200 GB Raid 1
Bandwidth: flat*
Port: 1 Gbit Switchport

Premium Server

Powerful server to host Data*

Starting at CHF 170.00/ month

Manufacturer: HPE
Description: ProLiant DL360 G9
CPU: 2 x E5 / 2620v4
Memory: 32 GB
Disc: 2 x 1200 GB Raid 1
Bandwidth: flat*
Port: 1 Gbit Switchport

Hard disks

1x 900 GB 15.00 Bestellen
1x 1200 GB 20.00 Bestellen
Other disks instead of the already built-in hard drives are possible


1x 1800 GB 25.00 Bestellen
1x 480 GB SSD 25.00 Bestellen
RAM Upgrade - Total 16 GB 10.00 Bestellen

all prices exclude VAT

*Please choose one of a multitude of Operating System, CPU, Harddisk, SSD, RAM and other options.
The entry server and the confort server have hardware from Seagate, Hitachi, HP, WD, Quantum, Maxtor, Samsung, and Toshiba.
We recommend for mission critical applications our Dedicated Premium Server from HP with Powerful Enterprise Hardware.

Your dedicated server hosted in Switzerland

We place a server to your disposal and you choose your operating system – Windows, Linux or also a third one. Dedicated servers are optimal for enterprises with a keen sense for safety and availability!

Hire your proper sever including hardware and MS Windows as well as extensive warranties on service and performance. On demand, our experienced Microsoft-technicians may con-figure your server, which will be administrated by you via web-frontend or remote-desktop.

Remote hands

At datasource AG there is all the time somebody at your disposal, e.g. if it should be necessary to change a cable at the server or to undertake a reset. You will have always access to your server via SSH or remote desktop – and if you’d like to have another possibility of access, do not hesitate to give us a mail or a phone call!

We offer the following services

  • 7 x 24 h acceptance of information on dysfunction
  • Hosted in Switzerland
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Assured bandwidth
  • Warranted availability
  • 2 IP addresses
  • Adaptation of bandwidth within 24 hours
  • By request: 7 x 24 h remote hands
  • 1 Gbp/s Port

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With us you can be sure that your data does not exist on any server abroad. Your data will only be stored in our data centers in Switzerland. Thus, they are protected by Swiss law - one of the strictest in the world.