Our backbone routers are located at different locations and are repeatedly connected with 10 gigabit fiber connections to each other. We achieve the shortest Latency and highest throughput rates through our multiple redundant designed Backbone connections and the with care selected international Tier 1 carriers.

All routers and switches are designed for smooth network operation at each of the designed site (at least in duplicate and completely redundant). We are using Cisco and Brocade as core router.

The backbone consists of two double rings with a total capacity of up to 400 Gbit / s. Because of this double ring structure and the latest switching technology we guarantee a very high availability and minimal packet transit times.

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Thanks to the cooperation with numerous Tier 1 Carrier DataSource AG has a high coverage and is able to connect all sorts of customer locations.

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With us you can be sure that your data does not exist on any server abroad. Your data will only be stored in our data centers in Switzerland. Thus, they are protected by Swiss law - one of the strictest in the world.