Server Housing

Server Housing – upon your request

Take advantage of the safe and speedy infrastructure of Datasource! You provide a well supervised and protected location to your servers within our cave rooms. Our concepts allows you to hire anytime as much rack space as you need at the actual moment. Adaptations are quickly done and our air-conditioned rooms provide you a high amount of stability and safety.

You may hire whole racks or to make use of just a half or a quarter of a rack. It is also possible just to hire cages for your own racks at moderate conditions.

Server Housing – more flexibility at high operational availability

We assure in all CC’s worldwide a high operational availability for a quick and smooth connection of your IT components with most recent technologies and Rackspace solutions.

Our collocation solutions show an excellent compatibility. There is a multiple protection against power blackout. Special technologies for data protection guarantee permanent access to your data and avoid data loss.

Server Housing – many advantages

  • Take advantage of most recent hardware and safety strategies
  • Take advantage of an optimal, air-conditioned environment for your servers
  • By request: hire additional areas of operation in our datacenters
  • Take advantage of competent contact persons
  • Take advantage of the flexibility of a rack space solution
  • Have 7 x 24 h access to the data center
  • Take advantage of our remote hands services


 1 HE1 HE2 HE3 HE4 HETower
Monthly costs (CHF)70.0085.00125.00165.00195.0070.00
Setup fee (CHF)
Current incl. (W)200200300300400200
IP addresses111111
Traffic incl. (GB)unlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Bandwidth (Mbps)100010001000100010001000
USV Currentincl.incl.incl.incl.incl.incl.
Access 7/24hincl.incl.incl.incl.incl.incl.
DNS Service Zonesincl.incl.incl.incl.incl.incl.

Additional options

Additional power (200W/month) CHF 40.00
Additional IP addresses on request
Additional Switch Port on request

all prices exclude VAT

Quick contact

+41 41 763 30 88

Bösch 69
CH-6331 Hünenberg

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Datasource - Swiss Made
With us you can be sure that your data does not exist on any server abroad. Your data will only be stored in our data centers in Switzerland. Thus, they are protected by Swiss law - one of the strictest in the world.