Hosted Terminal Server

Hosted Terminal Server

Windows Terminal Services (Remote Desktop) and Citrix Presentation Server are proven Solutions for remote access to corporate resources and cost-effective operation of thin clients.

The Terminal Server is an ideal solution for companies that reduce their overall IT costs significantly while at the same time want to simplify their complex and heterogeneous IT infrastructure.

The long-standing and proven experience in hosting terminal server environments guarantees customers an optimum design of their IT infrastructure and allows measurable reduction of costs.

Your advantages

  • The server is on a separate security zone
  • Access policies can be controlled elegantly through the firewall.
  • No bandwidth problems, even with a large number of users (100 Mbit server connection included in the price)
  • No expensive purchase of hardware
  • Backup included in the price
  • The terminal server is not directly on the Internet, but protected by a firewall
  • Ready IPsec and OpenSSL infrastructure for mobile access without modification to your infrastructure
  • No extra investment cost, the fixed monthly rent includes support and administration
  • Tailored to the needs of the customer
  • On-site installation
  • Professional data center environment: air conditioning, emergency power, access protection, 24x7 hardware maintenance and hotline.

Of course, you can also access these external servers and install everything you already operates on a dedicated server.

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