Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange

The use of hosted services is attractive to more and more companies, because its sustainable cost-effectiveness. The development and realization of an own In-house solution generates high investment costs and takes time. Competent support, which is reliable in the short term and around the clock, is usually not available or produced more fixed costs. Hosted Exchange 2007 means for you: zero investment costs, immediate operational readiness at all times adaptive flexibility to suit your needs and permanent 24x7 support.

With Hosted Exchange, you use all the functionality of Outlook without their own Server. The exchange and backup your data run through the Exchange Server 2007 or 2010. Encrypted and secured by regular backups.

Your advantages

  • Secure access to e-mail accounts, calendar, tasks and contacts, regardless of location
  • No separate server is required
  • No need to buy licenses
  • Contractually guaranteed availability
  • Monitoring and support around the clock (24x7)
  • Spam and Virus Protection
  • Accommodation of the IT infrastructure in a secure data center
  • All Outlook data retrievableto your mobile device (eg laptop, mobile phone)
  • Automatic backup

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With us you can be sure that your data does not exist on any server abroad. Your data will only be stored in our data centers in Switzerland. Thus, they are protected by Swiss law - one of the strictest in the world.